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Solaz Travel is a luxury travel agency in Palm Beach, FL. We realize that every client is different and has unique likes and dislikes. Understanding our clients and their unique travel needs while building a trusted relationship are our highest priorities. In order to offer such a high level of service and personalized approach we do carefully select and limit the amount of clients that we work with in order to keep our service best in class.

Solaz Travel will work with you to plan your personalized, exceptional itinerary every time. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you and be a trusted resource for all of your travel needs.



Luxury Travel Advisor

(561) 907-6529

After 20+ years of owning, operating, and leading various technology companies successfully from startup to exit I have switched gears to follow my passion for travel. My strong drive to understand a client's unique needs, desires and expectations allow me to tailor an easy and exciting travel experience for you.

I utilize the latest technologies, experience and vast industry contacts to create an unforgettable trip for you or your group.

Favorite Places to Vacation: Grand Cayman, Italy, France, Cabo San Lucas
Hobbies: Food, Fitness, SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling


Luxury Travel Advisor

(561) 907-6461

I am a full believer in the saying 'collect moments, not things.' In an age where we are consumed by technology, experiencing the sights and smells of a new place and having face to face genuine connections is one of the most enriching, soul-satisfying things that we can do. It has made me made me realize that I want to help others have the same types of experiences.

I am passionate about adventure travel, cruises, and food and wine focused travel. As a former wedding photographer I worked closely with couples to help create lasting memories for the most important day of their lives. Now, I help others create lasting memories through travel. It would be an honor and a privilege to be trusted with handling the investment of your vacation.

Send me an email or give me a call. I would love to meet you and explore new travel experiences and possibilities with you.

Favorite Places to Vacation: Italy
Hobbies: Sports, Fitness, Food and Wine

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