Why use a

Travel advisor?

You may be wondering with the wealth of information on the internet, why would I want a travel advisor?

In theory it should be easier to plan your own trips, obtain perks and upgrades, get yourself out of trouble, and save time. With so many apps, websites, and deals, the choices for travel nowadays are endless.

We can help you narrow down your choices and then select the best options for hotels, tours, cruises and activities within that location. A good travel advisor will also maximize your value. For example, you may be able to find a great price for a hotel but often times a travel advisor can secure a better value which includes resort credits, complimentary breakfast, upgrades and other amenities. What if your flight is being rerouted or you’re stranded in a storm? We could be aware and working toward a resolution before you even land. Or, in the event of an emergency due to our clout we are far more likely to obtain a travel voucher on another airline or eliminated or reduced change fees than you would on your own.

After reading through even more benefits below, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t been using an advisor sooner!

Travel Advisor Benefits

Personalized Planning

We get to know so that we can ensure that you have the best travel experiences. It's important for us to know your preferences, likes, dislikes, bucket list items & more.

VIP Treatment

Our relationships with key people at top hotels and cruise lines help to ensure that you receive VIP treatment when traveling. Extra amenities and priority treatment are some of our clients favorite perks.

Destination Expertise

Thanks to our team members, no matter where you are going we have people on the ground ready to assist and help with location specific suggestions, ideas & knowledge.

Time Savings

There is a lot that goes into planning a vacation. From researching where to go, ensuring it's actually the right place for you, then booking and determining what to do once you get there can be a lot of work. We help save you time with our expertise and hands on approach.

Global Connections

Our global connections allow us to leverage special treatment for our clients. For example, we can often help get you extra amenities, bypass lines when site seeing and reserve rooms for you in sold out hotels.

Peace of Mind

When you select us you can have peace of mind. A safety net if something goes wrong, a contact to call on if there are any disruptions in your trip. We are here for you throughout the entire process.

Still need not sure if it's worthwhile?
See how a Solaz Travel Advisor differs from a traditional travel agent.

Different from a traditional travel agent, a Solaz Travel Advisor is a professional travel consultant that is more similar to a financial consultant. We provide a personalized, collaborative approach to travel that is much more than just delivering information and pushing buttons. We have the resources, connections and expertise to save you time while adding tremendous value to your travel plans. Once an itinerary is confirmed our process does not stop there, we are with you every step of the way and then again after your trip. Our goal is to be a lifelong trusted resource to you, not a one-time booking service.

In contrast, often times traditional travel agencies have call centers with employees who have little to no actual travel experience, and even in the larger more respected ones (think of that credit card program you have) you still do not work closely with a single agent. They are encouraged and provided with incentives to sell certain properties and cruises which rarely are in your best interest. Working with an agent is usually very transactional, and focused on cost. They simply make your reservations and send you on your way. These companies surely will NOT be checking in on your trip while you’re on it, but we will be in communication with the suppliers and even you (if you don’t mind!) to ensure it is going well. Their goal is high volume and moving quickly– meaning they will help you as quickly as possible and move on to the next customer.

We are much more long-term relationship focused. We aim to establish trust and help plan the best vacation possible while adding the most value.

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